rona ross

Care and protection for even the most sensitive skin, lips, nails and hair. Sunscreen products of advanced formulations and specialised after-sun & Prickly Heat treatments.

Ross sunscreen products with photostable, broad spectrum filters provide complete UVA / UVB protection in accordance with European Union regulations. Moisturising, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components protect from burns, irritation, dryness and photoaging, while natural tanning accelerators give uniform, golden tan.

Specialised after-sun range for treatment  after sun exposure. Rich in vitamins and plant components, with moisturising, calming and anti-oxidant properties, relieves from sunburns, irritation, prickly heat and dryness. Multiple products repairs and regenerates damaged skin while protecting from premature ageing, prevents peeling and helps prolong sun tan.

  • Rona Ross – Sunscreens / aftersun / special treatments, Hair, Nails, Lips.
  • Prickly Heat remedies
  • Point of sale material available
  • Established in 1985 For trade account enquiries please contact us on 01202 813386 /

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